Top Related Posts Plugins with Thumbnails for WordPress and Blogger

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The Related posts are the most beneficial resource of increasing page views of your blog, decrease bounce rate (number of visitors that instantly leave your blog) and support to keep visitors for a more extended duration. Thus related posts assist in building more further user engagement on your blog. Eventually you will be selling more products/services through your blog thus boosting your affiliate income, or if you are using Google Adsense or whatever another publisher network to monetize your blogs, it's earning will be increased to numerous folds. Adding Related Posts on your blog is one of the most loyal SEO practices.

Related posts are regularly found at the bottom of each article, providing several suggestions to blog readers that they might be excited to read the related topic, this process readers are kept engaged in reading added posts of your blog. There are a couple types of related posts, one with thumbnails and other without thumbnails, its been remarked that related posts with thumbnails are more appealing and successful in generating more further page views on the blog. You are free to choose either textual related posts or related posts with thumbnails, but I would suggest the thumbnailed version as it generates more user engagement. You can see the live demonstration of related posts plugin on our blog at the rump of this post

Related Posts Plugins Only for Wordpress

1:: Contextual Related Posts

Related post Plugins, wordpress thumbnail plugin, featured image wordpress plugin, wordpress recent posts widget with thumbnails, contextual related posts plugin, wordpress featured image,

2:: Related Post Inside Plugin

Related Post Inside Plugin

 3:: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Related Posts Plugins for Blogger

Content.Ad Related Posts - Blogger Users Signup 

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) - WordpressContent.Ad Related Posts for Blogger & Wordpress

4:: Shareaholic Related Posts - Blogger Users Signup Here - Wordpress Plugin

Shareaholic Related Posts for Blogger & Wordpress

Please remark that related posts are generated based on categories plus tags upon Wordpress, while blogger labels are applied to assess the related posts. Its automatically begun with the help of algorithms, so you require not do anything. If you are Wordpress user, you might be able to configure either you need to take related posts based on category rather tags taxonomy. It is smart to select a minimum of 5 number of related posts that should arrive at the bottom of each post. Several of the related posts plugins also endeavor you to earn money with them. If your blog gets a tremendous amount of traffic, you can definitely start making money over advertising relevant content from other websites in enhancement to your own blog's content. The first five Plugins are totally compatible including the Self Hosted Version of Wordpress. You can have a peek at Best Wordpress Hosting Companies. Let me know which of the above plugin are you applying on your blog?

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